Lunes, Agosto 29, 2011

Modern Wear

 Ms. Enya Neyens! Again, Congratulations!!

Oxygen top |  Berksha skirt | Forever 21 Bangles and necklace

 Look at that flat stomach! This igorot costume really failed. We were supposed to use recycled materials but our class forgot to gather those recycled materials so we rushed. So in order for our contestant to wear something,  I just made this up using glue gun. I got some of my accessories and lend it to enya.

I made a crown braid for her hair for her to look neat.

 From left to right.

 See, that's Danielle! We applied a "no make-up" make up to her for the judges to appreciate her natural beauty.
Sorry for the blurred photo :))

Forever 21 Blazer and sneakers

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