Biyernes, Agosto 12, 2011

My favorite things

There was a shop in las vegas which attracted me! Its a building of coke. I mean like a coca-cola store. I bought these together with a lip balm (which I lost).

And this one is a collection of PINK (Victoria's secret). My mom and I went shopping on a factory outlet in San Diego. On our way back to the exit, we saw buy 3 take 3 items so we rushed into the store and bought these. Totally guilt-free :))

 This is my favorite perfume.  I bought this in Duty free (Korea) cause its waaay cheaper there. Like 20% cheaper. There was like a perfume madness that day. My mom bought like 6 or 7 perfumes. Gaaawsh, she also bought some of my favorites like: D&G light blue, Incanto shine, Bvlgari baby and burberry Beat.

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