Sabado, Nobyembre 12, 2011

 Hello Saturday!! :) But this what I wore last monday. So we had an interview with a nun for our filipino project. We went to Dominican, which is blocks away from Mother Goose, to interview the directress. I was extremely hot then. We came to Mother Goose at 9:00 and went straight to Dominican at 10:00. We waited for the nuns to arrive. We waited for hours.... :( They arrived at I think 12:30?? Whew!

 Here is what I wore.....
  I brought a comfortable jersey jacket to be conservative on the time of the interview.
Good thing the nun's office is air conditioned! Life saver!
 Forever 21 top and shorts | Penshoppe jersey jacket
After the interview, my mom and I went to East Gate Plaza to fetch my little sister from her tutorial. Then, we went to Yohgurt froz for a yummy treat!

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