Sabado, Enero 7, 2012

Two loactions

Forever 21 inner top and bracelet | Charlie sleeveless top | Folded & Hung pants | Sperry shoes | Timex watch | Mia Casa colorful connector ring | Random store camera ring

So sorry for the picture-overload post. My best friend, who is my photographer, Ainna, can't help it! She even tells me where to pose! Love you Ainna! :)

So I went my elementary school this afternoon for the purpose of visiting and practicing for our upcoming dance. I went to some rooms which I had my pictures taken. I even went outside to see if the outdoor pictures are better than the indoor. And the indoor pictures looked more peaceful. So as you can see, I posted more indoor photos. 

Yeaah. I just loved those last three pictures! Look, its all bokeh at the back! Haha!

Have a great sunday guys!


2 komento:

  1. awesome top! have you tried to partner it with shorts? =) color white see through plus the collar equals <3. perfect!

  2. Hi eliane! Yes I did, I just didn't pair this top with shorts since I was heading to school. But I always pair that up with shorts!