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Sony Ericsson Advertisement

This was an advertisement of Sony Ericsson last year. I was browsing through the web when I saw this and I remembered I haven't blogged about it yet. So here it is.

Most Dagupenos were mistaken for the real story behind this (Dagupenos because it was there where I had this billboard). They always thought that this was an advertisement of Guanzon because of the the tiny (not just tiny, real tiny) Sony Ericsson logo. But the truth is, this was an entirely sony ericsson-paid ad. 

So how did I get into this? Okay here it goes....

I entered an online voting contest hosted by Sony Ericsson in partnership with FIFA. Its a simple contest, you  just have to answer the question "Why do I deserve to be the flag bearer?" in a video and upload it to the site  (I think it was  Then people get to vote just once. 

 Check out the site here!

The prize for winning was a Sony Ericsson Kita, a 5-megapixel camera phone and of course, an all expense paid trip to Cape Town South Africa and Carry the FIFA Flag in front of more than 60,000 people!

After winning, before departure to South Africa, Sony Ericsson offered me the opportunity to be able to model for their latest (latest that time) phone model, Cedar. Of course, I could say no, right? Obviously, I went for it! 

Source of picture: JayTan

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