Martes, Marso 13, 2012

What's In My Bag?

1. BlackBerry Bold 9000 Not the best phone in the world especially when the battery dies. But you gotta love blackberry. It's advantages makes you not wanna give up on it.

2. Sony Ericsson w8 Since I can't live without games, I have to have an Android phone. And I loved this phone because of its affordable price and its froyo version of Android. (Although I'm thinking of upgrading it to Gingerbread! Haha) I have always been loyal to Sony Ericsson because they were the first one to give me a modeling experience. Here are some Photos.

3. Bloom Gypsy I have been looking for a nude lipgloss and thank God I've found one when I went to Beauty Bar. Thank youuuu Beauty Bar! Haha! This is my favorite lipgloss by the way. It gives you a natural look and I'm really loving it.

4. Coca-Cola lip balm  I got this lip balm from Las Vegas and I'm totally loving it! I always carry lip balm to keep my lips hydrated. :)

5. Betty  Boop wallet I know its huge. I carry lots of useless cards! Haha. Got this from China last 2010.

6. Rio mints I don't leave the house without these! 

7. Goody Ouchless Elastics Since we're living in a tropical country, I always bring this for emergencies. Ohh, Philippines.... You'll never know when the sun shines nor when the rain falls.

8. Loreal Anti-frizz Serum My hair is often dry especially when I don't apply conditioner, and an anti-frizz serum is the solution.

9. Alcogel We always have to sanitize and I prefer sanitizer better than alcohol.

10. Wet Ones  I always bring these especially when visiting public restrooms! (Which I wish would seldom happen)

11. Burberry Beat This is my favorite Perfume. Favorite as in THE BEST.If you hate the smell of sweet perfume, this is for you :)

12. Kleenex oil blotter Since I get allergies if I apply powder(to decrease facial oil), oil blotters are my solution.

What's in your bag?
Megan Lo

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