Sabado, Hunyo 23, 2012

Manlingkor Ya Kalangweran

Before everything else, I would like to inform you that this is a lengthy post. Beware.

What is Manlingkor Ya Kalangweran? "Manlingkor Ya Kalangweran" means "youth who will serve". This program established by DepEd Dagupan has been annually conducted for five years. Four representatives in each school in Dagupan (public and private) are chosen to attend a two-day leadership training. Afterwhich, an election will be held for the position of Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilors. The votes would be coming from the representatives of each schools. Luckily, I was elected as Vice Mayor. 

So, what now?
We, the Manlingkor participants would be acting as the Mayor, Vice Mayor, Councilor, Dept. head or Barangay Official. As for me, I would be acting as the Vice Mayor of Dagupan for a week (The reason I have been MIA).

This is a great opportunity for us, the youth, to experience and know the responsibilities of a leader. I am really glad to be elected as vice mayor. (Thank you to all those who voted for me!)

I really had a hard time picking photos since there were a variety to choose from. 
This was the opening of the Art Exhibit at the museum. I was with Mayor Benjie Lim at that moment. He gave us the opportunity to cut the Ribbon! Yeee! I was really overwhelmed.
 We were also given the chance to stay in the counterpart's office.
 VM tool us to her fish pond. And there we had lunch!
We sat beside the our counterpart during events. We were lucky enough to be invited in the Rizal Day celebration (VM Belen Fernandez requested me to give her speech!!!) So here I am, delivering her speech.

We had a Solidarity walk for the 65th Agew na Dagupan (Araw ng Dagupan).
Here we are! Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate. But rain or shine, we're still up for the challenge.
Forgive our hair! We were soaked in rain!
There are still tons of photos that I want to share but here is gist of everything except the award's night and the session hall. I will be blogging about that next time :)

I am really happy I have met great people especially these four girls! Chloe, Arielle and Issa!
This was indeed a memorable experience. Thank you Manlingkor!

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