Sabado, Hunyo 30, 2012

My Messy Hair

 (Topshop top | H&M shorts | Ipanema flip-flops | Accessorize earrings)

This was one of my Boracay outfits that I never had the chance to blog. I have been so busy (again) with school trying to catch up with the things I missed because of Manlingkor.

I love the pastel print on this top and how it blended with the shade of the shorts! I felt so relaxed upon wearing this outfit because of its color. Too bad summer is over. Back to school and the rainy season . :(

Hype this look on lookbook here!

7 komento:

  1. love your earrings, shorts and what you did to your hair! <3

    Jeline of The Damsel in a Dress

  2. Looking lovely as always Megan! Btw, I gave you the lovely blog award on my blog. I'm passing it on to you!


  3. Seriously??? Thanks you so much Nyla!

  4. You have a wonderful look here! Simple yet fashionable. I'm a new follower of yours! Mid checking out mine if you have time? :))