Lunes, Marso 11, 2013


I've been starring at these pictures for a couple of minutes and until now, I have no idea what to say. My mind was so blocked, full of undending information a week ago since it was our final exams and final everything. I was so tired and stressed of school work that for the first time, I enjoyed being a potato couch. Please forgive my laziness. It's summer after all. And I am oh so back! I missed blogging too! Like a lot.  So on to my outfit. 

I wore this weeks ago for a school affair. I opted for these colors since I want to enjoy the last of the "ry" season. It's summer in a few weeks and well, say goodbye to neutrals and hello color blocking! LOL :)

(Forever 21 Top, denim and bag | HK shorts | Keds sneakers | H&M bracelets | Fossil watch)

Photographed by: Debbie Bato

Megan Lo

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