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Beauty and Hygiene (Requested)

 This has been one of the most requested post ever since I started blogging again. And because I love my readers, here it is! Go ahead and click read more!

1. Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo- I've been conscious in using shampoos with parabens and SLS and I have also been searching for the perfect organic shampoo but I had a really really really hard time! But after years of trial and error, tadaaaah! I present to you the best organic shampoo (for me, of course)

2. Dove Daily Moisture conditioner- Let me introduce to you my best friend in terms of mane. Ever since I dyed slash bleached slash DIYed my hair, it became quite brittle. In order to maintain the moisture of my mane, I use this every single day. I have tried tons of other conditioner but nothing makes me happier than Dove (lol, i sound like a dove ambassador).

3. Johnson's baby bath- I love the smell of this liquid soap. I think that is the main reason why I use this. Haha!

4. Argan Oil Hair Spa- As mentioned earlier, my hair became a little brittle after my DIY. And so, I use this once or twice a week to give my mane a soft bounce. You can buy this in Watsons. They have other "flavours" like coconut milk etc. I've tried the others but this is the best that suits me. 

5. Johnson's baby conditioning shampoo- I use this rarely in alternation with the clarifying shampoo. Rarely because this is not paraben and SLS free. Too Bad
6. Clean and Clear Dual action moisturizer- I once discovered this bestie on my last last trip to San Francisco. I've had severe wind burns and had no on hand medication so we went to the supermarket and picked up the most convincing product. I was really amazed on how it treats and moisturizes my skin without it being oily!

7. Neutrogena Alcohol-free toner- I have a demanding skin type, seriously. Sometimes, my skin gets too oily and sometimes it gets too dry. Always in the extremes. So, I can never use a regular alcohol toner because it gets too dry then I would have to apply tons of moisturizer which I hate because my face would get too heavy. Get it? HAHA!

8. Neutrogena deep clean brightening (Mulberry)- I use this light facial wash In the morning just to remove the so called "sleeping dirt"

9. Neutrogena Hydrating Bamboo cleanser- you see how I am a fan of neutrogena? haha! Kidding! I use this at night to remove all the dirt from my face. This is not a staple product for me since I have been using the Papulex facial wash which I love so much and now it disappeared in stores (Papulex, why did you leave me?).

10. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer- This is the moisturizer that I use during the day to cover up my tini tiny freckles and to protect me from Mr. Sun. 
11. Aqua Mineral Lotion- Again, another SLS and Paraben free product. Now you know, why I use this. 

12. Victoria's secret Aqua Kiss- I use this at night and sometimes in school. My staple perfume is the burberry beat which I forgot to include in this post. Sorry for that. 

13. Aveeno Lotion- this product is not so heavy in icky in the skin! It so hard to find a lotion as light as this.

14. Agadir argan oil-This is my daily hair hydrator. I've tried other brands of argan oil but so far this is the best. Not so light and yet not so dense.

I haven't included much of my hair products here but I hope you'd appreciate my lengthy post! Hehe! Let me know I you have more post requests by asking me on

(Sorry for any grammatical and typographical Errors. All facts are based on my experiences on the product.)

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