Linggo, Enero 5, 2014

HK: Inside the Mall

This is what I wore on our second day in Hong Kong. Since we stayed mostly inside the mall strolling around, I opted for something easy. Just a jacket, printed pants and a sweater. Our hotel, Marco Polo Prince is connected to a mall and to two more hotels making shopping and hotel hopping (my cousins stayed in a connecting hotel, Marco Polo Gateway) convenient.
(Forever 21 pants and sweater | H&M rings | Shana Jacket | Mango bag)

You may notice that I haven't posted any photos from Hong Kong except for my outfit shots, of course, because my dslr was too bulky to carry while shopping. So I apologise for that. I post a lot more travel photos on my instagram (@MeganTanLo) so I would be making a separate post on my HK trip, instagram style. 'Til next time!

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